Financial information

Many insurance companies do not cover the fertility treatments. As you begin planning for your fertility care, we recommend these three steps:

  1. Contact your insurance provider and ask about your plan's coverage.
  2. Meet with our doctor for an initial consultation to discuss diagnostic testing and treatment options that may be appropriate for your situation.
  3. Meet with one of our financial counselors.

Once you have established fertility care with one of our physicians, our Financial Counselor can assist you with any necessary authorizations you may need. 

*Average price range when no insurance coverage:

  • $250: Initial consultation w/specialist
  • $100: Semen testing
  • $285: Ultrasound
  • $900: Saline infusion sonogram
  • $390-$1,500: Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI), includes monitoring ultrasounds, if required
  • $9,900-$13,800: In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
  • Meet with our doctor to see if low cost gentle stimulation IVF is an option for you

    *If you wish to have certain diagnostic tests completed by your primary care provider, let us know. We will help coordinate this on your behalf.

Competitive Pricing 
The cost of fertility treatments can be challenging. We are committed to providing competitive pricing and excellent fertility services.

Financial Assistance for Cancer Patients
We partner with LIVESTRONG Fertility and FIRST STEPS to provide cancer patients with discounted fertility care options.

Infertility Medication
Some fertility treatments can be ordered online or through the mail. Here are a few sources you might want to consider in addition to your local pharmacy. This is neither a comprehensive list nor an endorsement. You might find it helpful to contact several pharmacies and compare prices prior to your treatment.